Volume - 2

Original Research

LRS Bianchi Type II Cosmological Model with Stiff Fluid And Varying ^ Term

by -Sudha Agrawal

Author's Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, AKS University, Sherganj Road, Satna, 485001 (M.P)

Published: 05-Dec-2019

DOI: 10.51323/JIAR.2.1.2019.5-14

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Pages: 5-14

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In this paper, Einstein’s Field equations for locally-Rotationally -Symmetric Bianchi type –II space time in the presence of stiff fluid matter and variable cosmological terms are considered. To obtain the exact solution of Non – linear differential equations, we assume time-decaying cosmological term of the forms, Λ= α a ?/a, where a being average scale factor, By using a special law of variation for Hubble’s parameter [Berman, M.S. (1983). Nuovo cimento, B 74,182], which yields a constant value of deceleration parameter. A detailed study of Physical parameters is carried out. The nature of singularities is also discussed.


LRS Bianchi Type II Model, Deceleration Parameter, Stiff fluid, Singularities