Journal of Innovation in Applied Research (eISSN: 2581-4206)

Jounal of Innovation in Applied Research
(eISSN: 2581-4206)

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Review Article

Membrane Distillation for Desalination and Water Treatment

Vartika Nishad, Manish Singh Rajput

DOI: 10.51323/JIAR.2023/6/1/21-23

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Original Research

Dietary influence of selected microalgae on carotenoid concentration, nutrition and biochemical composition of fry Nile tilapia

Kafia Islam Amira, Helena Khatoon, Mohammad Redwanur Rahman, Suchandan Sikder, Jinat Afruj, Mohammad Jabedul Islam, Foujia Jamal

DOI: 10.51323/JIAR.2023/6/1/10-20

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