Journal of Innovation in Applied Research (eISSN: 2581-4206)

Jounal of Innovation in Applied Research
(eISSN: 2581-4206)
Effect of different nitrogen concentration on the growth, proximate and biochemical composition of freshwater microalgae Monoraphidium contortum
Applied Microbiology | Volume 5 (3)

Effect of different nitrogen concentration on the growth, proximate and biochemical composition of freshwater microalgae Monoraphidium contortum

Fardous Ara Mukta, Helena Khatoon, Mohammad Redwanur Rahman, Mahima Ranjan Acharjee, Subeda Newase, Zannatul Nayma, Razia Sultana, Mohammed Nurul Absar Khan, Shanur Jahedul Hasan
Open Access   
Published : 10-Nov-2022

DOI: 10.51323/JIAR.10.11.2022.1-12



The objective of this study was to examine the effect of different nitrogen concentrations on the growth, pigments, and proximate composition of freshwater microalgae Monoraphidium contortum. It was observed that higher nitrogen concentration had a significant (p<0.05) impact on enhancing microalgal growth, photosynthetic activity, and protein and carbohydrate content. Maximum cell density (7.19Γ—107 cells/mL), dry biomass (0.61g/L), and total chlorophyll (17.42 mg/L) were obtained in the highest concentration of (18.5g/500mL) NaNO3; on the contrary, minimum values were found in 6.5g/500mL NaNO3. Carotenoid (6.14 mg/L) and total phycobiliprotein (4.11 mg/g) were the maximum in control concentrations (12.5g/500mL) of NaNO3. The proximate composition also varied significantly (p<0.05) among all the treatments, where maximum protein (23.77% dry weight) and carbohydrate (22.79% dry weight) were produced in the highest nitrogen concentration (18.5g/500mL NaNO3) and minimum protein (16.36% dry weight) and carbohydrate (14.08% dry weight) were found in the lowest nitrogen concentration (6.5g/500mL NaNO3). Moreover, the highest lipid accumulation (20.07% dry weight) was obtained at the concentration of 6.5g/500mL NaNO3, whereas the lowest 15.88% dry weight lipid was in 12.5g/500mL NaNO3. This study stated that higher nitrogen concentration boosts the growth and nutritional profile of M. contortum, but lower nitrogen concentration enriches lipid production which will be economic in commercial microalgae culture.

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          <subject>Applied Microbiology</subject>
        <article-title>Effect of different nitrogen concentration on the growth, proximate and biochemical composition of freshwater microalgae Monoraphidium contortum&#13;
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
            <given-names>Fardous Ara</given-names>
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
            <given-names>Mohammad Redwanur</given-names>
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
            <given-names>Mahima Ranjan</given-names>
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
            <given-names>Mohammed Nurul Absar</given-names>
        <contrib contrib-type="author">
            <given-names>Shanur Jahedul</given-names>
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        <p>The objective of this study was to examine the effect of different nitrogen concentrations on the growth, pigments, and proximate composition of freshwater microalgae Monoraphidium contortum. It was observed that higher nitrogen concentration had a significant (p</p>
        <kwd>Monoraphidium contortum</kwd>
        <kwd> Nitrogen stress</kwd>
        <kwd> Growth curve</kwd>
        <kwd> Pigments</kwd>
        <kwd> Proximate composition </kwd>


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Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Fisheries, Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Chattogram, Bangladesh

Department of Fishing and Post-Harvest Technology, Chattogram Veterinary and Animal Sciences University

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