Volume - 1

Original Research

Performance of Intercropping in Green gram (Vigna Radiata L.) Varieties with Maize (Zea Mays L.)

by -*Mohd Junaid Siddiqui, D.P Chaturvedi, T. Singh

Author's Affiliation: Department of Agronomy, AKS University Satna, Sherganj Road, Satna- 485001 (M.P)

Published: 04-Jun-2018

DOI: 10.51323/JIAR.1.1.2018.10-16

Views: 43

Pages: 10-16

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A field experiment entitled “Performance of intercropping in greengram (Vigna radiate L.) varieties with maize (Zea mays L.)” was conducted at the instructional farm AKS University, Satna, during July to November 2015. The greengram variety SL-78 intercropped with maize produced the highest number of cluster (5.63/plant), pods (26.73/plant) as well as Test weight (55.33 g). On the other hand, Cv Anand grown with maize gave the poor performance in case of Test weight. The grain yield of greengram and maize was influenced significantly due to different intercropping treatments. Maize intercropped with SL-78 greengram resulted in significantly higher yield of Maize (52.80 q/ha) as well as greengram SL-78 (1.23q/ha) over all other intercropping treatments.