Volume - 1

Original Research

Investigation On Nanocomposite Polymer Gel Electrolyte Films and Their Nanofibers for Electrochemical Devices

by -Neelesh Rai

Author's Affiliation: Department of Physics, AKS University, Sherganj Road, Satna- 485001 (M.P) India

Published: 04-Jun-2018

DOI: 10.51323/JIAR.1.1.2018.1-9

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Pages: 1-9

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Present work has been aimed to study the role of MWNT on the performance of a PVA based nanocomposite polymer gel electrolyte films and their nanofibers, namely, {(PVA:NH4SCN):MWNT} system. The films and fibers, prepared by solution cast method and electrospinning respectively have been characterized by structural, thermal, electrical and cyclic voltametry measurements. A relative examination of XRD of nanocomposite polymer electrolytes (NCPEs) systems based films and fiber mats show that fibers exhibit better amorphous behavior in contrast to film counterpart. DSC results on fibers show greater thermal stability in comparison to corresponding gel electrolyte films. Likewise Cyclic Voltammetric investigations on fibers mats have better electrochemical stability viz. ?1.6 volt. However, bulk conductivity data for NCPE fibers mats exhibit comparable ionic conductivity. All these results indicate fiber mats as an alternative to electrolyte films for application in electrochemical devices.