Journal of Innovation in Applied Research (eISSN: 2581-4206)

Jounal of Innovation in Applied Research
(eISSN: 2581-4206)

Past Issue

Volume 2
Original Research
Plant Biotechnology

Comparative Analysis of Effect of Nickel and Cadmium on In-Vitro Cultures of Datura inoxia

Ashwini A. Waoo, Swati Khare, Sujata Ganguly

Affiliation: Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Life Sciences, AKS University, Sherganj Road, Satna 485001 (M.P) India

DOI: 10.51323/JIAR.2.1.2019.1-4

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Applied Research

LRS Bianchi Type II Cosmological Model with Stiff Fluid And Varying ^ Term

Dr. Sudha Agrawal

Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Basic Science, AKS University, Sherganj Road, Satna485001 (M.P) India

DOI: 10.51323/JIAR.2.1.2019.5-14

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