Submission of Manuscript

Authors may submit their manuscripts to the editorial office as word files via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The corresponding author's full mailing address, including mail codes, phone number, fax number, and email address should be included. The original manuscript should be formatted with double line spacing using Arial or Times New Roman fonts (12 pt). The text must be in a single-column format with justified margins. Use bold face, italics, subscripts, and superscripts where appropriate. To avoid unnecessary errors, the authors are strongly advised to use the "spell-check" and "grammar check" functions of their word processing software. Use continuous line numbering throughout the text and all manuscript pages must be numbered at the bottom right corner of each page.


Revised manuscripts

The authors must submit the revised version of their submissions within one month of receiving the editorial decision. Revision does not mean that the manuscript will be accepted for publication, as the amended submissions could be sent out for re-evaluation. In response to reviewer’s comments, the authors must ensure that each comment is followed by their revision and/or response. In instances where an author disagrees with a comment or suggestion of a reviewer, please justify the reason. Any associated changes in the manuscript must be highlighted on the revised form of the manuscript to facilitate the process of re-evaluation.


Resubmission of a rejected manuscript

When resubmitting a manuscript previously rejected by JIAR, the authors are required to upload the decision letter from the Editor requesting submission of the rejected manuscript, the original reviewer comments of the rejected manuscript, the responses to the reviewer comments, and the original manuscript number. The resubmitted manuscript must indicate, in color, where the revisions were made in the paper in response to the reviewer comments

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