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JIAR recognizes the equatorial domain of CSE (Computer Science Engineering) with Information Technology (IT) which is the utilization of computers to store, recover, transmit, and control data, or information, frequently with regards to a business or other undertaking. IT is viewed as a subset of information and interchanges technology (ICT). An information technology framework (IT framework) is commonly an information framework, an interchanges framework or, all the more explicitly, a computer framework including all equipment, programming and fringe gear worked by a limited gathering of clients. Technical reports and Researches helps organizations and other scientific communities to renovate the capative structure and expands the world of fast networking.  JIAR publication includes this domain with sectors like: Information Access, Information Architecture, Information Management, Information Retrieval, Information Seeking, Data Science, Bibliometrics, Data Modeling, Data Decoding, Signal Transduction, Specific Detector Data Output, Command Sensing, Data Transmission, Data Manipulation and Novel Data Modeling Devices.

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