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JIAR believes in providing unique and innovative research for Researchers, Students, Scientists, Academicians and other committees which are able to improvise latest Technology of life style. For the increment of Human civilization and making it more updated for easy going life. The domain of Engineering includes (Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Cement, Mining, Chemical, Civil and Data Science)


Computer Science and Information Technology

JIAR focus on latest research and related reviews acting in C.S.E, day by day entrepreneurial mindset is rising from the surrounding so to cope with scientific challenges with innovations and inventions. JIAR appreciates the great inventions and discoveries occurring in Computer science and technology. JIAR accepts Research and Review manuscripts on Novel software, apps, anti -virus functionality, Coding, Android management, APIs, Network and Security systems, Ethical hacking, Hardware, Internet Systems, Degradation of E- Wastes, Science of Telecommunications and Innovations in basic computer science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning. Simulation studies, Data mining and Chip designing.

Information Technology (IT) is the utilization of computers to store, recover, transmit, and control data, or information, frequently with regards to a business or other undertaking. IT is viewed as a subset of information and interchanges technology (ICT). An information technology framework (IT framework) is commonly an information framework, an interchanges framework or, all the more explicitly, a computer framework – including all equipment, programming and fringe gear – worked by a limited gathering of clients. JIAR publication includes this domain with sectors like: Information Access, Information Architecture, Information Management, Information Retrieval, Information Seeking, Data Science, Bibliometrics, Data Modeling, Data Decoding, Signal Transduction, Specific Detector Data Output, Command Sensing, Data Transmission, Data Manipulation and Novel Data Modeling Devices. 

Mechanical Engineering

JIAR expands the axis of engineering by including Mechanical engineering in its domain study. Mechanical Engineering is an approach and root of basic infrastructure. The areas which covers by JIAR are Fluid Mechanics, Combustion and the Environment, Ground Vehicle Systems, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics and Energy Systems, Manufacturing, Mechanical Design, System Dynamics and Control, Transportation Systems, Innovative Mechanical models and plants, Marine Engineering, Hydrodynamics, Material Science, Mineral and Ores study, Device Controls, Equipment design, Solid Mechanics and Innovations.

JIAR publishes scientific papers in several fields of Mechanical engineering which is systematically associated with Electrical, Biotech, Chemical, Computer and Civil engineering. This makes JIAR more novel and innovative in terms of giving a combinatorial approach for their authors and readers so that they can come together on scientific platform to recognize and utilize novel approaches and technology in improved way.

Civil Engineering - Ceramics and Cement Technology

JIAR focus on modern engineering skills and latest technology but the major appreciating field which builds a base stone for that can be recognize under specific domains. One of the most seasoned and broadest Engineering discipline, Civil Engineering includes arranging, structuring, constructing, keeping up and managing frameworks which incorporates offices basic to current life like thruways, scaffolds and passages, schools, emergency clinics, air terminals and different structures, sewage frameworks and water treatment offices. In this manner, the course includes protecting public and natural wellbeing just as improving existing foundation Civil Engineers generally have a lot of specialisations to choose from like: Construction Engineering, Coastal and Ocean Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Fire protection engineering, Structural Engineering, General Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, Land development, Materials Engineering, Transportation engineering, Urban Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Water resources Engineering.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

JIAR also recognizes scientific publications in this field, Electric engineering covers the enormous scale creation and dissemination of electrical power, while electronic engineering is about a lot of littler electronic circuits, for example, those found in PCs and other present-day advances. Electrical engineering is currently isolated into a wide scope of fields including, PC engineering, control engineering, media communications, radio-frequency engineering, signal handling, instrumentation, and electronics. A large number of these controls cover with other engineering branches, crossing a colossal number of specializations including equipment engineering, control electronics, electromagnetics and waves, microwave engineering, nanotechnology, electrochemistry, sustainable power sources, mechatronics, and electrical materials science.

Chemical Engineering

JIAR recognizes Chemical engineering as a part of engineering that utilize standards of chemistry, physical science, arithmetic, science, and financial aspects to productively utilize, produce, plan, transport and change vitality and materials. Crafted by chemical designers can go from the use of nano-innovation and nano-materials in the research facility to enormous scale modern procedures that convert chemicals, crude materials, living cells, microorganisms, and vitality into valuable structures and items.

Chemical architects are associated with numerous parts of plant structure and activity, including security and risk appraisals, process plan and investigation, displaying, control engineering, chemical response engineering, atomic engineering, organic engineering, development detail, and working guidelines. The field includes in are Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Structure, Chemical Analysis, Elemental Chemistry, organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Bioproducts, Innovative model of Chemical Science, Chemi-informatics, Combinatorial Chemistry and Package material science.

Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Engineering

JIAR includes the expanding concern of our surrounding and ecosystem, thus to take under consideration the scientific organizations a peculiar research and technical reports being publish in JIAR which are: Pollution Detection Model, Renewable Resources, Biosphere, Geology, Energy Modulation, Social practices, Ethical Issues, Waste Treatment, Waste Audit Data Analysis and management, Remediation studies, Biostatistics, Solar Energy, Ecology, Heavy Metal Study, Geography, Aerospace Engineering, Natural Calamities Study Model, Drainage System, Climate Change and Prevention Study, Atmosphere science and habitat study.

Data Science

JIAR respects the novelity and integrity on the scientific paltform where Data Science is an emerging segment which is flowing to collect the minute to major data from numerous resources. Data Science is the territory of study which includes extricating bits of knowledge from tremendous measures of data by the utilization of different logical techniques, calculations, and procedures. It encourages you to find concealed examples from the crude data. The term Data Science has risen as a result of the development of scientific measurements, data examination, and huge data. Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that enables you to remove information from organized or unstructured data. Data science empowers you to make an interpretation of a business issue into an examination extend and afterward make an interpretation of it once more into a viable arrangement. It covers Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Stats and Data analysis. 

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