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Commerce identifies with "the trading of merchandise and ventures, particularly on an enormous scale". It incorporates legitimate, financial, political, social, social and innovative frameworks that work in a nation or in global exchange. The flow of an institutionalized money gives a technique for defeating the significant detriment to commerce through utilization of a barter framework, the "twofold happenstance of needs" (which means on the off chance that somebody needs something from an individual, that individual ought to likewise be needing a thing or an administration which they can give), important for barter exchanges to happen. For instance, if an individual who makes pots professionally needs another house, he/she may wish to contract somebody to fabricate it for him/her. Be that as it may, he/she can't make an identical number of pots to approach this administration accomplished for him/her, in light of the fact that regardless of whether the developer could manufacture the house, the manufacturer probably won't need numerous funds.

JIAR believes in heterogenous ecosystem where study of commerce play an important role and with this major domain the sectors included like – Capital, Investments, Funds, Transactions, Money, Banking, Loan, International Economy, International Market, Industry Commercialization, Private – Public Relations, Ethical Policies and Management.

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