Journal of Innovation in Applied Research


Journal of Innovation in Applied Research (JIAR) [ISSN: 2581-4206 (Online)] is a multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal that promotes and enhances research in all fields of Biological Sciences, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Basic and Applied Science, Engineering and other domains like Humanities, Commerce, and Management. JIAR publishes 4 times per year (Quarterly). All accepted manuscripts are granted free online access immediately after publication, which permits its users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of its articles, thus facilitating access to a broad readership.

JIAR believes in technical and research community ethics and by publishing High quality research, reviews, case studies papers that describe significant data and novel findings with advance knowledge in a diversity of scientific domain. Being multi-disciplinary in nature, this journal publishes extensive contributions in all the areas listed below:


Biological Sciences  (Biotechnology, Microbiology, Bioinformatics, Bioengineering and Medical Science)


Basic and Applied Science (Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Mathematics)


Agriculture Science


Engineering (Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical, Cement, Mining, Chemical, Civil, Data Science)


Pharmaceutical Sciences


Other domains (Humanities, Commerce, Management)


JIAR also believes in salutations submission of manuscripts from cross-disciplinary fields, including Life Science, Healthcare Commerce, Management, Computer science and Environmental science; however, no area is excluded from consideration. In addition to original articles, JIAR publishes Reviews, mini-reviews, case reports, and letters to the Editor, thereby providing a forum for the reporting and discussion of cutting-edge perspectives in science. The journal is committed to publish research works by utilizing a hasty, unbiased, and rigorous review process. All submitted papers are subjected to strict single blind peer review by its distinguished international Advisory Board members, as well as by other anonymous international and national reviewers. Submitted manuscripts must not have been published previously in any copyright form (print or electronic/online).

The common criteria for acceptance of a manuscript are:

  1. Advances multidisciplinary scientific knowledge

 2. Provides sufficient and relevant literature review

 3. Utilizes scientifically solid, reliable, and reproducible methodologies

 4. Curated conclusions based upon the experimental data presented


Ethics Policy of JIAR


JIAR Publication Ethics Policy follows the Committee on Publication Ethics 

JIAR adheres to the publication standards by honoring the copyright laws. Our journals remain transparent and neutral to regions, religion, and should not discriminate based on the age, gender, race, and people that are physically challenged. We strictly abide by the review for publication ethics as recommended by the ‘COPE’ and remain transparent in acknowledging the source while publishing the information on a collaborative mode.

Authors Verify

Submitted manuscripts are the first work of the author(s), and that every single contributing author are recorded and additionally given credit. Manuscripts have not been distributed nor are getting looked at by another journal simultaneously. All wellsprings of information utilized in the advancement of the composition are appropriately cited.

Reviewers Verify

Manuscripts are reviewed based on the intellectual content of the paper without regard of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, citizenry or political values of author(s). Conflicts of interest during the review process must be communicated to the Editor. Manuscript information is kept confidential. Any concerns regarding the review of a manuscript are communicated to the Editor.

Editors Verify

Manuscripts are assessed in reasonableness dependent on the scholarly substance of the paper without respect of sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, populace or political estimations of creators. Irreconcilable circumstances relating to submitted manuscripts must be unveiled. Composition data is secret. Publication choices of submitted manuscripts dependent on the commentator's assessment of the composition, strategies of the diary editorial board and lawful control acting against unoriginality, defamation and copyright encroachment rest with the Editorial Board.

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